Learn more about this whole drum thang.....

  • For the ideal instructional dvd's and book for learning traditional djembe and for some of the best djembe cd's you'll ever hear, go to Mamady's site in the US - www.ttmusa.org.
  • Mahiri Fadjimba-Keita is Mamady Keita's son in the U.S.; he is most of the reason that folks in the U.S. know about Mamady Keita.  I trained with him in preparation for my Tam Tam Mandingue certificate exam - he is an amazing teacher and spirit!  You can reach him by Mahiri-Fadjimba Keita or Herbman, for all manner of healing herbs.
  • For recordings, books, and videos on djembe and more, go to http://www.rhythmtraders.com
  • For massive amounts of general information on djembe, go to Djembeman Drums.
  • Jeni Swerdlow a percussionist, facilitator, educator, member of Holy Goat Ensemble and art therapist is focused on empowering communities through rhythm and play - check her out at www.drummm.com
  • For information on the djembe drum and the culture from which is comes, go to http://www.wesleyan.edu/~echarry/jembearticle/article.html
  • For a massive amount of information on various subjects related to the djembe drum go to http://www.drums.org/djembefaq/index.htm; this is the FAQ for the DJEMBE-L listserv
  • For instructional audio cassettes, info on a great study tour to Guinea, West Africa with M'Bemba Bangoura and to be hooked up with one of the most gifted teachers, performers, players and dancers that I have ever met, check out Michael Markus' site at http://www.magbana.com
  • To get more information primarily on the drumming, culture and other musical traditions of the Mande peoples of West Africa, click http://tcd.freehosting.net/djembemande/index.html. It will also include material relating to the culture and music of other parts of Africa as well as information concerning drum traditions in other parts of the world.
  • For various writings on drumming (I'm in there somewhere) - go to http://www.drumjourney.com/articles/
  • If you'd like to learn a lot of cool info about Guinea, including how to speak Malinke and Susu, check out the Friends of Guinea site.

Get more drums (always good to have more than 1!)

  • For the best djembe's on the planet - you want a WULA djembe!  If you are on the east coast, go to Michael Markus; if you are in the midwest, go to Taylor (ie, ME!) and if you are on the west coast, go to my dude Arnold at Djembeman Drums.
  • For traditional handmade Native American drums and supplies, including round drums made with natural skins, drum frames, stands, sticks, rattles, and elk, buffalo, moose, or horse hides, go to Tachini Drums, 100% owned and operated by Salish people of the Flathead Reservation, at http://www.drumhoops.com

Miscellaneous Links

  • Inner Wisdom Yoga & Healing Arts is a charming studio, created and opened with love and the intention to share the life-changing benefits of Iyengar Yoga, the ancient practice of meditation, and the healing craft of Reiki with the community of Oak Park, Illinois.  Mary Fran, a certified Iyengar yoga instructor, runs the joint - check the website - http://www.iwyoga.com or email her maryfran@iwyoga.com
  • For a multitude of Dance classes in the Oak Park area, just west of Chicago, check out Pineapple Studios
  • For totally cool handmade stuff, contat Jenni at jenni@polarbearhandmade.com  or (224)698-0705 or check out her website http://www.polarbearhandmade.com/. She can create baby blankets, fairies, scrunchy-faced stuffed animals, hippie patchwork clothes, pants, dresses, skirts, shirts....does custom work as well as has inventory of already designed pieces. ALL MADE FROM LOVE!!!! And remember, if you can dream it, she can sew it!
  • Walton's Full Feature Garden Services
    Soil preparation, planting, weed control, maintenence and lawn improvement, tree and shrub removal.  Seasonal or long term contracts for commercial, industrial and residential.  Call Manu at 773-783-7072.  Make an appointment for free analysis and estimates of how we can make your lawn, trees and plants live better; viewable local locations.
  • www.cmo-solutions.com Christa Ojeda, a life-long friend, will be working with me to bring DruMeditation™ to Chicago. Christa offers a variety of services to help you Get What You Need™ including couples massage classes, various forms of bodywork, life coaching, hypnotherapy, a network of practitioners and more.
  • The Holygoat.com site and Drum Store are designed and maintained by Derek Frederickson from Twisted Media. Derek also runs a production music library (music that you can license and use in your film, video, website etc.), Twistedtracks.com, which includes some music written by Taylor. Check it out!
  • Jen Kaiser is a freelance writer who recreated a lot of the copy on my site.  If you need help writing something, I recommend dropping her a line. Email her at jennifer@kaisergroup.us; her website is www.kaisergroup.us
  • For information on Chicago's Rhythm Revolution, directed by John Yost go to http://www.drummingcircle.com
  • For the most amazing studio on the planet (I recorded all of my CDs there!), click http://www.musicandsoundco.com.
  • For all mobile and home audio needs, go to David at Turntablerepair.com