Holy Goat Ensemble

Whereas Taylor originally founded Holy Goat Ensemble to accompany pagan rituals, its focus changed to performing Taylor's original work, 'traditional' West African repertoire, partnering with other ensembles and projects and adapting contemporary cover tunes. More recently, they have begun branching out into other percussion-based world musics, drawing from the knowledge and experience of the members.  Holy Goat Ensemble has also been used as the musical backdrop in Taylor's performance art, such as in the various staging's of the performance art piece entitled 'The Jungle'. HGE can also be seen/heard in Taylor's DruMeditation workshops, combining guided meditation with rhythmic environments.

Holy Goat Ensemble is on indefinite hiatus. For any and all performance inquiries, please refer to, Kaben Kafo

Members of the ensemble have included Taylor (djembe/doununs/flute), John Knecht (djembe/doununs), Marc Sandrolini (djembe) and Jason 'Wolfy' Wolf (doununs), not pictured - Doug Brush (doununs), Justin Hundreiser (doununs), Ashley Muensterman (djembe), Jeni Swerdlow (dununs), Jeff Handley (dununs)